MX Racing in Rogue Valley
November 1, 2012 — 19:29

Riders from across the social spectrum are entering the sport. From families who all ride, to bankers, business men and teenagers, weekends mean loading the bikes into a trailer or truck, and heading off to a track or back-road location for the freedom of riding and the thrill of racing.

The Rogue Valley contingent of MX racers is growing rapidly. Motorcycle shops like Medford Powersports sell the stock MX motorcycles in sizes from 50cc through the huge 600cc bikes as one of their largest selling segments. Riders then tweak and modify them for increased performance. On the 50cc end, the sizes are for kids as young as five or six, and the most common MX bikes for racing are the 125cc and 250cc sizes which represent the major racing categories.

Until recently, Rogue Valley racers were looking at traveling out of the area to race, typically to Albany which has a fully developed track. Now Medford has a track on Kirtland Road, just off Pacific Highway north of Central Point.

Typical of the avid MX racers in the valley is Bret Mitchell, small businessman, Mormon Bishop, family man, and MX racer/sponsor. Mitchell has been riding since he was five. He was a competitive racer, until breaking his back at a race in Albany a few years ago. He now rides for fun, and his three children ride in various classes of competition. Broken bones are a common condition at the Mitchell household which is typical of MX riders.

Mitchell, from his home in Central Point, operates Pacific Crest Pipe Repair and MXDeals, both moto-cross related businesses. Both of the businesses operate in the dot com world marketing his services and merchandise nationwide.

Pacific Crest Pipe Repair was Mitchell’s brainchild to address the constantly occurring problem of bent and damaged exhaust pipes on MX motorcycles. The fragile pipes, which are specially tuned to extract maximum performance from the bike’s engine, are easily damaged in pile-ups. Mitchell developed a system for re-expanding the pipes to remove dents and crushed areas.

The upshot of this is that a rider can have Mitchell repair for about $40 a damaged pipe that might cost $150 or more to replace. Mitchell receives pipes from all over the country, repairs them and ships them back out to the racers in a day or two. His service and process have been endorsed by major pipe manufacturers.

If a pipe is bent beyond repair, the rider can order a new one from Mitchell’s second business The web based business carries a complete line of all the parts, accessories and equipment a moto-crosser might need. Typical of the inventory are items such as tires, pipes, helmets, riding gear, engine performance enhancement parts, bike stands and the like.

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