Gun Show from History to Hunting
August 15, 2012 — 17:41

Outdoorsmen from all over southern Oregon gathered this weekend at the Medford Rifle and Pistol Club next door to the Medford Gun Club on Vilas Road. The semi-annual gun show, which draws exhibitors from all over Oregon, provides opportunities for gun, knife, and memorabilia collectors as well as curious neophytes to get a look at shooting and outdoor sports world. Items featured included antique and modern firearms, knives, coins, archery equipment and other Americana collectibles.

The show, held in the indoor range building at the club, held approximately 50 exhibitors with their wares displayed on tables and backdrops. Typical of one of the specialty vendors at the show was Ted E. Brown. Brown, a life member of NRA who holds recognitions as a National Match Armorer, Distinguished Rifleman and a Certified Range Consultant had a multi-table display of primarily military firearms from the past several generations and wars.

Brown, from Medford, specializes in restoring military firearms, and in building weapons for competitive shooting all the way up to the national competition level. The photo above shows Brown with one of his creations, his personal national match rifle, which can be used to shoot targets up to 1000 yards away with amazing accuracy. At 600 yards a skilled shooter can group shots into a bulls-eye the size of a tennis ball. Browns’ rifle, while appearing modern and futuristic is based upon a standard military rifle and then substantially modified.

The commercial part of Brown’s display consists of weapons such as World War II Garand rifles, M1 Carbines, and more modern Vietnam era weapons such as the M14 and M16 rifles. These guns are very popular with collectors and just amateur shooters and hunters. All of his weapons have a utilitarian appearance, and aside from his National Match Rifle, lack the fancy appearance of many collector guns. There is no engraving, silver, gold, or fancy grained woods in these guns. They are meant for the shooter who will use them to hunt, target shoot or provide home defense.

Other displays at the show included items such as World War II memorabilia like medals, bayonets, uniform patches, clothing, and helmets from both U.S. and foreign militaries. Specialties could be found such as stag horn handled knives, and this author purchased a pair of elk skin gloves at a very reasonable $10. Expensive European shotguns were available for several thousand dollars, and you could spend at little or as much as you wanted to bring home a new find for the gun rack or as a collector item.

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