November 23, 2011 — 17:50

Telecoms managers have been dealt a favourable hand by Ofcom, after the regulator announced it is extending a price cap on mobile phone charges that it imposed last year. Ofcom will preserve the cap on so-called termination charges beyond its original expiry date of March 2006, for a further 12 months.


William and David Link Celebrate Birthdays with Mon Desir Opening E-Mail a Friend Voice Your Opinion Order Printed Copies
November 22, 2011 — 19:16

Celebrating your birthday is always a fun experience. When you celebrate it with a grand opening, it’s even better!
On November 21 William Link and his son David Link did just that. They both celebrate their birthdays in the same month and had planned on a Grand Opening of their restaurant, the Mon Desir, to celebrate with.

Speaking highly of his Father, David said, “My Dad is a great guy and loves to have fun. In fact we both do. All of us had wanted to have this grand opening before my Dad’s birthday and we barely made it.”

William expressed how pleased he was of all that was taking place.

Opening up the Mon Desir and celebrating two family birthdays all at once truly is a milestone event.